detail of cardboard elephant, Safari Party 2012
 Flying Dragon and Knights of the Round Pool, Medieval Party 2018
 Dragon attacking the castle, Medieval Party 2018
 Brooklyn Bridge, Jack’s 8th Grade Dance (NYC theme), 2018
 NYC in lights, Jack’s 8th Grade Dance (NYC theme) 2018
 Cardboard Camel and Mabel, Egyptian Party 2017
 Pharaoh Monument, Egyptian Party 2017
 Camel and Pyramid, Egyptian Party 2017
 Carnival Strongman, Copeland 8th Grade Dance, 2017
 Sea Turtle with hovering jellyfish, Underwater Party 2016   
 Shark and feeding frenzy, Underwater Party 2016
 Fudgie the Whale eats the Blenders, Underwater Party 2016
 Night shot of the sea turtle and shark, Underwater Party 2016
 Flying Saucer Pool, Outer Space Party, 2015
 Space Aliens by the UFO, Outer Space Party, 2015
 Rocket Ship, Outer Space Party 2015
 Dino mask, Jurassic Party, 2013
 T-Rex 14 feet tall, Jurassic Party, 2013
 Indian Elephant, Safari Party 2012
 Giraffe, Safari Party 2012
 Enlarging Moshi Monsters for my son. 2011
 Minecraft Trunk Or Treat, Halloween 2013
 Volcano. Luau Party, 2010
Pig roast cake.jpg
 Peace Van, Woodstock Party 2009
 The Haunted McMahon-sion at Night, Halloween 2015
 The Haunted McMahonsion, Halloween 2015
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